Tuesday, May 4, 2010

First Cut!

This is my first cut.  I used the Elegant Cakes cartridge.  Edible images are more fun!  What do you think?

I have a video that I will post in the next day. I just have to get it uploaded. Unfortunately, this cookie had a small encounter. I had it in a plastic bag to protect it and show my husband. As you can see it has a small little indentation on the upper right. It was not the cricut that did that but, my husband. He threw my brayer on top of the cookie not knowing it was in my bag! lol Oops he felt bad as he should! ha ha
I was thinking of making a cake for my beautiful baby girl's first birthday. I just cannot decide what I want to cut!
By the way, this image was cut out at 2" not the recommended 3" and is a more detailed cut as you can see. I am thinking that edible art might be more fun than paper! You can eat your mistakes!

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